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Greetings Livepeer Friends!

I’m Zach, the CPO over at Graviton. You’ve probably seen me bouncing around the discord community throwing gm’s and emojis all over the place. Sorry, not sorry :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Xeenon is a live streaming application that is committed to building a reliable and transparent platform for creators to be seen and compensated for their works. Xeenon has been live for a little less than a month now, and I am proud to say that Graviton has built the tools that creators need to not only monetize live content, but also provide value back to their web3 communities with our NFT gated streaming feature.

Our Xeenon roadmap is extensive and we are just getting started. With our iterative and nimble engineering approach, we have already deployed multiple feature sets since launch, added live chat, and are planning to launch another huge platform update early next week that will really enhance the user experience… regardless of whether or not the user is web3 native.

We are really excited for the future of Xeenon, as our team believes that friction-less dApps, transparent payment processors, and unstoppable media platforms are fast track to web3 onboarding in a major way. Not only is the future success of Xeenon good for web3, it’s really good for Livepeer.

Not only has Xeenon been hard at work building a beast of an application on top of the Livepeer Network, we also manage an Orchestrator located in the East Coast. Xeenon’s Orchestrator takes only a 5% cut from both the ETH rewards and the LPT inflation.

Orchestrator Stats

  • Orch Wallet Addr: 0x76a65814b6e0fa5a3598ef6503fa1d990ec0e61a
  • Fee Cut: 5%
  • Reward Cut: 5%
  • Price Per Pixel: 960 WEI
  • Top Regional Score: 99% (New York City)
  • Currently Delegated: 3.65k LPT

Delegate here: Livepeer Explorer

Staking LPT with Xeenon is a smart choice for anyone looking to support the Livepeer network and the Xeenon platform. A few key points:

  • Future Growth: Along with the products and services that Graviton is building, we have some big plans for the future of the Xeenon Orch. Since we are building with Catalyst, we have complete control over the Orchestrators that we send jobs to via the Xeenon platform. Currently, we have a list of around 8 Orchestrators that receive transcoding jobs when a user streams on Xeenon. In the future, we plan on creating a transcoding pool under the Xeenon Orchestrator that will end up receiving all of the work that comes through the platform. With the success of Xeenon, this pool has the potential to get huge.

  • Network participation: Staking your LPT with Xeenon allows you to actively participate in the Livepeer network and help to support its growth and development. You will have the opportunity to vote on important decisions related to the network and contribute to its direction. Also, you will be supporting the Xeenon platform and enabling future development.

  • Professional management: Xeenon is managed by a team of experienced professionals at Graviton Inc. who are dedicated to maximizing Xeenon’s technical proficiency and participation. We are constantly monitoring the Livepeer network and adapting their strategies to ensure the best possible performance of our Orchestrator.

Thank you for your continued support, Livepeer community!

Zachary Owens
Graviton Inc. CPO

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I would also like to let everyone know that we are going to be opening up the platform early next week to everyone, so there will be no more allow list. This will be very good for everyone because we reduced the fee cut to 5%.