An Update on ETHBerlin Friday Talk Recordings

I have some unfortunate news to report that it looks like due to technical issues with the venue media setup the talks at ETHBerlin from Factory Görlitzer Park did not get recorded correctly.

We have been working furiously to see if it’s possible to recover the talks from any nodes on the Livepeer distributed network, but at this point it is looking unlikely. The talks were live streamed through Livepeer’s decentralized infrastructure, and while we’re proud of the 3 concurrent multi-stream setup for live streaming and resulting live experience for viewers, we’re deeply sorry if the recorded content can not be recovered, as the community who wasn’t able to watch live won’t be able to benefit from the hours of great educational content, and the speakers won’t have reference to their presentations. We received confirmation from the venue’s media team that the talks were being recorded and streamed concurrently, however it appears that technical issues prevented this from occurring correctly.

If the content can not be recovered we will do what we can to work with the speakers to help with solutions for getting their content out to the world through other means. We are big believers in, and supporters of, the Ethereum community and ETHGlobal events. And it saddens us tremendously to play any part in lost content for the community. As we work to build decentralized streaming solutions for the web3 stack, we’ll continue to aim for reliability and trust in these systems such that they can always be considered in lieu of centralized alternatives.

Update 9/13/18: This post originally reported that only the Friday talks were not recoverable. While that is the bulk of the attended content, the content from Görlitzer for the rest of the weekend is also not recoverable, as it was one continuous live stream that suffered from the same technical error at the venue’s media source.

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What is the status of the Factory Mitte Livestream?

The Factory Mitte recording is available - - and is pending editing.