Have trouble bonding more to my delegate?

I already have bonded a large chunk and have been trying to bond more for quite a while but the screen just has ‘submit’ for hours and doesn’t seem to ever bond them? Suggestions? I have tried to raise the gas to no avail

Sorry to hear that @livepeer88.

Can you tell us a bit more about exactly what steps you are taking. and what messages it is showing you?

I have hit submit to bond and the order goes through… but in my metamask wallet it is still pending the last few tries from an hour to a day ago. I have raised gas but the transaction will not go through and further bond the tokens

Do you have any other pending transactions which are queued up before this particular transaction? The first pending txn needs to get confirmed before subsequent txns get confirmed. I guess it’s possible metamask used an incorrect nonce. Or perhaps the gas price just isn’t high enough relative to network conditions to get confirmed?