Orchestrator Campaign: YieldWallet.io 0xCDFC Orchestrator

I’m Gautam Sampathkumar, Founder of YieldWallet.io, a staking-as-a-service provider.

I’ve been involved with Livepeer for awhile, having been part of the team at Kode Network that ran a transcoder for a few months. We then ran our own transcoder (same address as this one) pre-streamflow but never made it to the active set. Gained a bit of operating experience there, and now with the upcoming Streamflow release, we thought that now was a good time for us to go LIVE with as an active orchestrator (We’re consistently in the top 30-31 in the active set)

Node: 0xCdFC898128DBC380A60895c6E8C0975Dc07D07E0

Main headline

We are running a campaign to build a transcoding pool for GPU miners and would like to think of LPT delegated towards us as support and fundraising towards that goal. Learn more here

More on our thought process here.

Who are we?

We are geographically distributed team of highly passionate and qualified Entrepreneurs, Product managers, Marketers, Engineers and DevOps personnel headquartered in India.

Our founding team has decades of experience building and running highly scalable and available distributed systems in the Payments, Financial products and Networking space for companies like Cisco, Paypal and Bloomberg. The team is experienced with running reliable nodes for coins such as Horizen and DASH as well as staking to currencies like LPT, Decred, Tezos and Cosmos.

We understand the Engineering. We get the DevOps. We love Blockchain technology and are staunch supporters of the philosophy and the economics behind Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrencies.

We’ve been through the ups and downs of the markets, but never lost our conviction on the space. Now, we’re here to BUIDL and enable the next bull market to begin by laying the foundation and the technology that will drive this revolution forward.

YieldWallet is one of the key products that we are building under the rubric of our parent company, Indra Crypto Capital. We believe having a suite of related Cryptocurrency products gives us the ability to vertically and horizontally integrate them and support the Livepeer ecosystem in more ways than one, with everything from GPU mining, Wallets and Onboarding of new users.

Delegate to YieldWallet Livepeer Transcoder

Our transcoder can be seen on the Livepeer explorer at: https://explorer.livepeer.org/accounts/0xCdFC898128DBC380A60895c6E8C0975Dc07D07E0/transcoding

Fees/Rewards structure

25% Reward Cut*

50% Fee Share**

49900 wei per pixel**

full transparency: we are running a campaign to build a transcoding pool and hence our fees are larger than the usual %age. We will be ramping our cut down to be more in line with market rates once we have either raised enough LPT to build the transcoding pool or if we receive a grant from the Livepeer foundation to help offset our costs.

**subject to change when real transcoding job is available on the network

Why delegate to us?

Some of the reasons to delegate to us:

a. Transcoding pool: We plan to put in a major effort to take the Livepeer network to it’s next logical stage, by building or contributing to a Transcoding pool and democratizing access to 100s of thousands of GPU miners, not to mention bring massive Video transcoding capacity online for the Livepeer network.

b. Geo diversity: We are helping decentralize the network and strengthen it by the geographical distribution of servers, being based out of India.

c. Onboarding new class of users: We are bringing a new class of investors into the network, especially otherwise passive LPT holders, GPU miners worldwide and our user base from the Indian subcontinent.

d. Reliability: As mentioned above, we are a highly qualified distributed team of professionals that will ensure the highest standards and availability of the product 24/7

Our hardware

We use an Amazon EC2 t3a.large instance to host our Livepeer transcoder.

Processor: 2vCPU,
RAM: 8 Gb of Memory,
Disk: 50 Gb NVMe SSD
Network: 10 Gbps I/O

This configuration along with our DataDog alerting system and 24/7 DevOps coverage will ensure that the transcoder runs smoothly and is highly available.

We have a cold standby that can take over as the primary Livepeer transcoder in the event that any issue on the Primary is not immediately recoverable. We also have a cold standby on Digital Ocean in the unlikely scenario that Amazon stops supporting Cryptocurrency services.

How to delegate?

Simply bond your LPT here: https://explorer.livepeer.org/accounts/0xCdFC898128DBC380A60895c6E8C0975Dc07D07E0/transcoding 7

Here are detailed instructions on how to bond your LPT to YieldWallet transcoder.

What is YieldWallet?

YieldWallet is a staking-as-a-service platform based out of India. Our goal is to help holders of various PoS (Proof-of-stake) and dPos (delegate Proof-of-stake) tokens participate to secure or power their networks and earn a yield on their tokens, regardless of their level of technical sophistication and investment level.

We run a service that is highly reliable, available and secure. We also are committed to only supporting those coins or tokens whose project and team we believe in. LivePeer is one of those few high-quality projects in the space that we would like to support.

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Read more about our Livepeer campaign on our Medium blog.

Having trouble delegating your LPT? Contact us and we’d be happy to help!

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