Pre-Proposal: Vrtuhub - Empowering Communities To Do More

Pre-Proposal: Pre-Proposal: Vrtuhub - Empowering Communities To Do More!

Funding Request: 1,250 LPT Tokens

Project Name: Vrtuhub Ltd

Project Website: (cant include as new user)
(slight issues with the S3 sever right now so images load slowly)

Brief Overview:

Vrtuhub is an emerging crypto-centric startup which solves the challenges many projects are facing when it comes to marketing and growth. We empower communities to get more involved in making these communities more relatable, integrated & credible.

What Vrtuhub lets you do:


  • Read blogs, tech reviews and other stories
  • Create custom player profiles
  • Represent projects in up coming esport events
  • Watch Live eSport events with real time chat

Team Dashboard

  • Create, Enter and Manage eSport events
  • Create and Publish Blogs (rich text editor)
  • Publish tech reviews (rich text editor)
  • Represent their project through team banners


Crypto Communities are large, diverse and passionate about their tokens but are very limited on the level and type of marketing they can achieve. What I’ve noticed is a bubble forming where crypto can only be introduced to other crypto communities or in-person web-3 events to improve networking but little is being done to increase adoption.

How is Vrtuhub Different

Vrtuhub is transforming community engagement by enabling individuals and teams to create blogs, conduct technology reviews, create & participate in esports events, and indirectly showcase their crypto projects for previously unattainable marketing opportunities.

One of the greatest challenges for these communities is the limited reach of crypto promotion, typically confined to interactions within the crypto sphere. This constraint often stems from a reluctance to alienate non-crypto audiences, especially amidst widespread scams and negative media coverage.

Vrtuhub addresses this challenge by leveraging the extensive networks, passionate ambassadors, and robust community infrastructures already established by crypto projects across platforms like Discord, Telegram, and Twitter. By empowering projects to self-promote and expand their reach by associating their projects with their own interests, hobbies and profession without resorting to dubious tactics or relying on external endorsements, Vrtuhub offers a comprehensive solution to enhance engagement and visibility.

Unlike traditional Web 2.0 communities, Web 3.0 boasts a vast and dynamic community brimming with untapped potential. Livepeer aims to harness this rich diversity, allowing individuals to showcase their expertise and interests while promoting their projects, thereby fostering a more inclusive and vibrant ecosystem."

For example, Livepeer could have a diverse community of professionals from various fields such as doctors, bankers, construction workers, and teachers, alongside tech enthusiasts, developers, gamers, musicians, and performers. By uniting such diverse talents and passions, Livepeer introduces a novel marketing angle previously unexplored.

Getting these individuals to create original content whilst representing you actually solves the biggest marketing challenges facing crypto.


Crypto communities are known for their diversity and passionate communities. These communities rally around tokens, and their enthusiasm can be harnessed in unique ways. eSports, the highly competitive world of skill-based video gaming, offers the ideal platform to channel this passion. eSports events consistently draw millions of viewers on platforms like YouTube and Twitch, and they provide a golden opportunity for brand exposure and engagement.

Vrtuhub aims to become a global eSports hub, offering a seamless approach to involvement for gamers, users, influencers, and projects. Our platform serves as a professional eSports profile builder, akin to LinkedIn for eSports. Crypto projects can establish community-backed eSports teams and organise virtual and in-person events, akin to Airbnb for eSports. Our goal is to simplify the process and make eSports accessible for projects looking to grow with us.

Currently giveaways are being handled in heavily botted with unengaging follow us on twitter, discord, like this and that etc and projects have become all too accustomed to this. Despite the low effort it takes to set this up and to have bots that flood the entries, projects don’t mind as they see value if BOTs make them appear much larger than they are :wink:

I find this counter intuitive, unethical and boring… Organising skill-based, competitive matches against the community or leveraging multiple communities for tournaments is not much more difficult and far more engaging.

Considering gaming’s universal appeal and the ease of matchmaking, competitive tournaments should be easily organised within communities. Broadcasting these events with professional commentary can turn them into exciting spectacles that everyone, regardless of participation, can enjoy and support.

How it works

I am not asking you to sponsor an existing eSports team, I ask you to create your own community driven eSports team and invite your vast community members to apply for the different games and genres out there. CSGO, SIM racing, League of Legends etc. We could call it the “Livepeer Smash Karts Cup” etc and have various projects enter that tournament and broadcast it live with commentary.

There are a handful of projects out there already that have a gaming lounge on discord and they do a games night with their community members (with little to no marketing), these people play for free. They might play some fall guy and 20 people join. This cost them nothing but time, the ones organising these community gaming nights enjoy doing it and just want to play and interact with their community. They may stream it, it’s something they enjoy.

Now let’s expand this, your project wants to play some fall guy, but instead of only inviting its own community to join you open up and say ‘hey Venus Protocol’ come bring your community here and let’s play against each other. Everyone competing will be in a position to leverage each other’s communities and audience. Now we have a community eSports team for your project and you can start to capture this audience. WIth an entry fee we can pay for broadcasting, throw in a commentary or two and include a prize pool.

Benefits for crypto projects involved

  • Unite Crypto Communities: Our esports events aim to bring together crypto communities, enthusiasts, and gamers from across the globe. By participating, you’ll have the invaluable opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals, foster powerful alliances, and build a strong presence within the crypto space.

  • Amplify Brand Exposure: Take centre stage and expose your brand to a vast global audience of crypto enthusiasts, racing fans, and esports aficionados. As the event is live-streamed and promoted across various digital platforms, your project will enjoy maximum visibility and exposure, leaving a lasting impression on millions of eyes and minds.

  • Community Empowerment: Imagine the thrill of your community members actively engaging in a thrilling and competitive environment. By forming a community-backed esports team, you empower your supporters, giving them a chance to showcase their skills and dedication on a global stage. This strengthens the bond between your project and its community, fostering loyalty, dedication, and a shared sense of achievement. By competing against other teams you’ll get all these different communities watching your team.

  • Prizes and Recognition: As the engines roar and the virtual racetracks ignite with excitement, Vrtuhub esports events offer enticing prizes and well-deserved recognition for the top-performing teams. Claim victory and bask in the glory of accolades within the crypto community, cementing your project’s place at the forefront of innovation and achievement.

Tech Reviews

I’ve been testing a new approach, and the results are promising. Over the past 90 days, my YouTube channel has garnered over 14K organic impressions from Google searches and 18K views. These are real users—potential buyers and tech enthusiasts seeking independent reviews before making purchases.

Through affiliations with Aliexpress and Goaffpo, Vrtuhub has already earned over $500 in affiliate commissions from my growing tech reviews. Notably, companies like Fifine and KingBank have sent free samples for review, indicating increasing recognition in the tech industry.

The modern tech review page features embedded videos, image slideshows, SEO optimization, and a functional contents page. Team members can represent their projects through team banners, fostering transparency and community engagement. This approach empowers community members to request equipment or tech for review, promoting their projects through written or video reviews.

By aligning projects with tech reviews, we tap into organic traffic and create marketing opportunities beneficial for both teams and the community. While not yet enabled, the review pages support full banner advert integration, allowing teams to automatically assign banner ads to their reviews, enhancing visibility and engagement.

Some of the popular review articles I have created are already top results under google searches which you can verify for yourself:

  • VCHANCE AU16T review
  • Genmachine 6800h es review
  • Lexar E300 review

With plans to expand our hub with content for Music, Developers and other fields in the future.

Current challenges and purpose of this request

While the platform is operational, persuading projects to participate is a significant challenge. Many are hesitant to explore new avenues, some due to unfamiliarity or reluctance to deviate from traditional approaches. Despite my belief in Vrtuhub’s potential, navigating this unfamiliar territory is tough. . THis is why I see so much opportunity to truly capture this market!

Through Discord outreach I have received support and encouragement from various project admins but the lack of decision-making authority impedes progress. Offering the service for free, as advised, isn’t feasible given the associated expenses like prize pools and commentator fees. However, the lead I am getting is free demos, let them try it out for free, it can be a fun community thing if it doesn’t cost anything and if it is as good as it sounds the team will notice and can start paying for future events.

I have also had interest from some prominent projects but they await successful execution before committing. Venus Protocol, the leading lending platform on BNBChain, is already onboard and offered an initial grant of 15,000 to get us here :slight_smile:

How this benefits Livepeer

Vrtuhub is ultimately a marketing hub so this payment is used to not only do our own promotional marketing events but also promote Livepeer alongside it through these debut events!

The project line up I am working towards

  • Livepeer: (You)
  • Radom: (informally confirmed)
  • Venus Protocol: (confirmed)
  • (some others that could be interested)

We will create competitive matches across a few different games where we stack the Livepeer community against another community.

For example

Event title: Livepeer Smash Karts CUP Venus Protocol

Prize Pool: 30 LPT

Teams: Livepeer Community vs Venus, 5 VS 5 Capture the flag

Broadcasted LIve with commentary on our website

The funding will be used to organise multiple events engaging the Livepeer community across various projects. These events serve to promote our services and distinctive approach while also generating awareness for Livepeer. As participation grows, I anticipate an increasing number of users signing up to our platform, but also representing team Livepeer in upcoming tournaments, fostering organic growth through word-of-mouth.

In addition to these events, discussions with Radom, a Web 3 (2.5) crypto payment gateway with a thriving developer community, are underway and show interest in competing against Livepeer. Also working to create an event against a HUGE backed provider and getting the grant approved can help with this. Livepeer vs their developer community will be a massive boost for you if I can arrange this. This competition against SAAS projects has the potential to enhance developer familiarity with Livepeer, encouraging wider adoption not only by Vrtuhub but also by other developers integrating Livepeer into their projects. Livepeer’s presence within the developer community is low, and I’m confident that strategic esports matchmaking events can play a pivotal role in achieving this goal.


The platform is almost fully developed and already Live. The tech reviews are already going out and generating affiliate commission, the website is already highly ranked through SEO.

The grant funding will be used for promotional activities and everything is in place for these to happen. I have spent a lot of time developing and planning this. I need to bring this to market now.

Vrtuhub is a UK registered limited company.

Milestone Payments

The grant is for covering the expenses to organise these events as well as prize pool contributions.

MileStone 1 (500 Tokens), initial payment to organise the four esport events for Livepeer Vs

Milestone 2 (500 tokens) Upon successful delivery of milestone one, we can arrange further events with other projects to get more projects to sign up and come onboard and further promote ourselves and services as well as the Livepeer.

Milestone 3 - (250 Tokens ) Create a multiple round tournament spanning across multiple weekends on iRacing with a large Prize Pool. This will be together with the Venus Protocol Community and we will be inviting a huge host of projects to get onboard. Other projects will be expected to pay an entry fee to collectively have a huge prize pool which is sure to gather a lot of attention. This will be a big event, with milestone 1 and 2 leading up to this.

Benefits for Vrtuhub

Having you onboard will be a big boost for us. One of the things that comes up is ‘nobody is doing this, what is esports & what’s the point’ etc. I’ve had some team members like it but project managers say no, some projects want to copy the trend and are not interested in learning about something no one is doing. Getting an initial team together will build my credibility, doing a debut event will show them there is a demand for this in Crypto, they just don’t know it yet. I fully expect others will want to get involved once this has started. It would be a huge accelerator for us to have more projects take on this initiative by joining us.

Thank for you reading,
I will answer any questions you may have.

Bilal Khan
Founder of Vrtuhub


I have new user restrictions so i can’t share the links or post multiple pictures but feel free to google vrtuhub you’ll find it :slight_smile: I encourage you to check it out and see much I have already built

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Hey there. Honestly man, I read it the day you posted it and… As you said this is pure marketing oriented, which is of course fine and well but it means no transcoding (or ai) demand will be created on livepeer directly as a result of this.
And as to marketing; this project may or may not increase exposure, I am not sure. And I know you got turned down before by microgrants committee. You know, I obviously can’t talk for anyone else, but I stongly feel you might wanna reduce the amount of Lpt you ask for here. It might increase your chances, but I’m not sure.
I can see how engaged and passionate you are about this project but nothing is guaranteed of course. Good luck!

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Hi thanks, I’m not sure what you mean by no transcoding demand as these events and the events that follow will be broadcasted using livepeer. The goal here is to get to a stage where multiple events are being hosted and broadcasted daily and even simultaneously that actually get watched by thousands.

By marketing I mean my project is production ready and I need funds for marketing, not development. By marketing my product livepeer also receives all that marketing because of how the project is designed. These events will be broadcasted using Livepeers infrastructure and I can see a lot of bandwidth being utilised by the viewers.

As for building a twitch competitor with 100 of thousands of streams like you may be thinking off the you’ll likely need an unlimited amount money and a lot of time. Point being it ain’t easy most that tried failed unless they have a lot of funding and time.


Ahh okay. Now, I get it.
You know, it could be a lot more useful if you could specify how many minutes are transcoded on the site every month as of now and how many you expect to be transcoded if this fund happens.

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I’m just organising a small test event with a $200 prize pool. Joystream Community vs Smash Karts community. That already made a buzz lol

I’ll get this rolled and I return with some analytics. Unfortunately the hacker plan only allows for 30 concurrent connections and I’m expecting more so so will do this one on Youtube. To keep cost down I won’t hire a live commentator. Will get the footage edited out and overlay commentary but that will provide me with some some data to work with and get back to you on :+1:


Just so you know, I’m not even gonna be voting on your request. I’ll leave it to my O to decide for me because he’d better evaluate that kind of analytics and his vote will be my vote.
I’d definetely advise you to get in touch with Os and try them and get their pulse on this.


Awesome thank you! I’ll do my best get all the information together for them and the community!


Hey @Isitbathtime,

Thanks for the proposal.

Is my assumption correct that communities create “rooms” and host events on Vrtuhub? I tried creating an account and logging in but it doesn’t seem to detect me as verified after clicking the link in the email so I can’t.

The proposal is good, but seems heavily tilted towards marketing. I’d like to know how many users the platform has, how many minutes transcoded on the network, how Livepeer is integrated exactly, any technical challenges/user friction the Livepeer integration has created, and whether you’re using VOD or just live transcoding.

On the topic of organizing an event with the Livepeer community, I have a feeling this won’t go far… it’s very different here compared to most degen Web 3.0 communities based on my experience.

I’m Sorry there was a bug. I fixed that now. I was changing a bunch of things so it broke but it should be sorted now.

User Profiles

So users can create profiles and they can join a team, to represent them in gaming events, blogs, tech reviews etc whatever they do. You can like, dislike, leave comments, apply to join an event and engage in real-time chat during events.

Accessibility to content

There are no barriers to accessing the content posted on the platform, they can be viewed freely and the platform is heavily SEO optimised for discoverability. This is a first for crypto as I have never seen someone do a monitor review and promote a crypto project along with the review. I have done that, and this is what marketing is supposed to be like. To increase your product’s visibility you market it next to other trending, popular and targeted content. At the moment the marketing I am seeing is crypto is targeting their existing users which makes little sense and schemes to get their community excited. Crypto also has a reputation for being a scam, especially with the mainstream so connecting with them and connecting your community being more relatable is necessary for mainstream adoption. You are never going to achieve mainstream adoption if projects continue to promote crypto with crypto.

What others are doing in WEB 2

I look at Appwrite and I’ll get a bunch of guides, videos and creators publishing how-to videos, tutorials and showcase projects. Projects like this have a thriving developer community. I search for livepeer and I can’t find a single content creator publishing dev videos, guides or tutorials on livepeer studio API. The developers that know MUX video or other video streaming APIs don’t even know Livepeer Studio exists. You do a Google or youtube search ‘top video API services for live streaming’ or ‘how to build live streaming into my website’ and you won’t find livestream unless you specifically start looking for livepeer. If you are looking for livepeer, the only developer docs and guides you have are the official ones, which really limits your reach because that content isn’t going to reach the big developer communities.

Problems in crypto

This is a problem in crypto, too much focus is on the token instead of attracting developers, gamers, tech communities and fans in general.

Livepeer needs to work on attracting developer communities and tell devs it exists, it’s much more than just a crypto token thing. This is what Vrtuhub is aiming to change, change the mindset and change how teams and communities are approaching this. The issue Web 3 projects face is these big developer communities, YouTubers and influencers don’t want to touch crypto as it is too big of a risk and it could divide their existing audience.

Vrtuhub solves it as I’ve spotted a solution. Use your existing communities to create content, whether it is developer guides, blog articles, music and even gaming events. Whatever you are good at, apart from crypto trading, leverage that to promote our projects for indirect, authentic marketing. If your current community is not willing to do this, vrtuhub can attract people to join your community who will.

How to publish content on vrtuhub

If you want to publish content on the platform whether that is a blog, a tech review or even organise gaming events you’ll need access to the team dashboard. This requires authorisation. This is partially due to spam control, you can understand how my credibility can be thrown out the window especially at this early stage if anyone can post anything the level of spam crypto faces is unreal.

If someone creates a gaming event, using functions and webhooks the server create a stream on livepeer studio and pass the credentials over to the host to broadcast from. If a steam is active, live will appear on the event and people can watch the stream using hls.

Vrtuhub being crypto friendly allows team leaders to create ‘crypto banners’ so any content your community members post within your team will have the team banners automatically placed throughout the content for recognition and exposure. This is done transparently and it could really help fix the credibility issue crypto is facing. Why you can’t do that on other platforms is simply because they won’t allow it, as they worry about their existing audiences and their credibility is thrown on the line.

Sustainable model

At the moment team accounts are free, but in the next year or so, once the demand is generated and vrtuhub starts showing healthy traffic I will start charging teams an annual fee. The teams are crypto projects. This will shift the vrtuhub into a SAAS Marketing Tool that provides communities with the tools they need to become their own creators. I have much more ambitious plans on where to take this one step at a time :wink: Crypto does need something that isn’t VC-backed and is being driven by Corporate Greed to provide affordable services for others instead of themselves.

Current status with Marketing

Over 222k impressions on my YouTube channel which I started in January 2024. Total view is 24k with 506 Real time views these past 48 hours. The traffic source varies between content most of it does come directly through YouTube search and maybe 10% land on my YouTube videos through a search engine search.

On the website, the total impressions through Google alone are 17.7k with 773 clicks. I only have around 13 tech review articles published atm, so that’s a very high impression count compared to clicks. The problem I am having here is my YouTube videos (YouTube URL) are constantly appearing above my website. My articles might be first web results but Google likes to put videos above text results, especially for reviews. There are two ways to address this, N0.1 stop uploading to YouTube as I am currently competing with myself on search engines for position but considering the huge audience and exposure I am getting directly through youtube that could be fatal. No 2, start hosting videos directly on my website (so VOD as you put it) so Google could start indexing my videos and I have a chance to compete against YouTube videos through search engines. The issue is, youtube will still likely get preferable treatment especially if I have the same video on YouTube unless I can generate more traffic than them which seems very unlikely.

Generally for tech review content search engines seem to prioritise videos over articles however for blogs or other types of content written content appears first so I have less of an issue with that one.

So the path is to build up the brand as a credible platform for content that is created, managed and written by crypto communities. With more content and backlinking, I believe it is definitely possible to compete with the big tech review websites and I have already done surprisingly well with how little content I have currently. I have been told as much by an SEO expert that I have done a remarkable job with it. More impressive is how low I’ve kept my costs by developing the platform and creating the content myself. I aim to open the platform up soon for crypto team members to publish on.

My goals here are to offer VOD but it is too early to do that right now, especially with the costs involved in hosting your own videos. Factors to consider are transcoding, storage and bandwidth. If YouTube is offering all this for free it would be unwise to burn cash considering this is a bootstraped project.

I do want to have full control over advertising, especially with videos so as the platform does scale up and grow I do plan to allow teams to upload directly but atm I am sticking to embedding for the time being so I don’t bankrupt the company. Livepeer offers cheaper transcoding, upto 90% cheaper so once I do enable direct uploads I will have a huge competitive advantage.

I can look into enabling video playback for replays for the broadcasted esport events through Livepeer Studios OBS service as I am exploring ways to convince more people to sign up and keep users on the site.

Affilate maretking program

Affiliate marketing is growing strong, it is growing at a healthy pace. I have made over $500 through that alone. This is where I review a product and people buy it using my links I have 180 confirmed orders through the Aliexpress affiliate program alone. Daily clicks and purchases are only going up, as I grow and make more content I expect this number to continue to rise. I want project ambassadors to start reviewing tech for views, either written articles or combined them with videos. They can review tech and promote their product and an arrangement like this could help ambassadors gain recognition and withdraw from the treasury to buy products to review. I have had a lot of interest in this concept, and my own tech reviews have already proven this works and is very effective and it just started, continuing to grow.


I have not done any eSport events yet but it is a 1.64 Billion dollar industry. Binance used to do a live stream for the alpine GT3 races on ACC on their website. This is a Racing game. All they really did was put their liveries on the cars for the sim racing events but they showed over 60k concurrent views consistently. I am not sure how accurate that is but the more reliable viewing figures on YouTube go to around 8k for some races. For bigger events, they far exceed 100k+ and I am sure everyone knows how big gaming is on Twitch and Youtube Live.

My events are different as Binance just put their branding on the cars and must have paid a lot for it. I am asking communities to take part in those events which makes it much more affordable and I am not just doing SIM racing. Getting multiple projects on board, and competing means they can start to leverage each other’s communities, and also draw in the gaming community it can get very big. Once these events get going influencers and streamers will ask to join. I did ask streamers but they don’t want to introduce their community to a potential scam and made references to Logan Paul and stuff… they wanted to see the events take place first, prizes paid out to prove that it is all legit and if it is they can join later on once I have demonstrated this ain’t a scam like so many others and the media is telling them.

Livepeer events

Community events with the current Livepeer community may not go far, but I can change that. Just yesterday I started organising a small game of smash karts 5 v 5. It’s the Joystream community v the Smash Karts community from their official discord. So the 5 people from the smash kart discord community filled up in seconds, they actually wanted more spaces. Elimination rounds with 64 players but I explained it’s my first event. I want to keep it simple with just 5 players. As for the joystream community, it was not as easy but I found two people, so I asked the smash karts community if they wanted to play for team joystream and I’ve filled up the vacant sports just like that.

The point being this is a gaming, they have huge communities that will come and ask to play for you if you organise an event and tell them about it. They want recognition, influence and glory. If you are worried your existing community won’t be interested don’t worry about that, once a tournament is set up and properly marketed players from all over will come and ask to play on your behalf.

Once I get to the stage where influencers start to take part the viewing figures with sky rocket and their communities will of course tune in to watch.

The thing about the gaming community is they get very hyped up for small prize pools unlike the crypto community who seem to think very highly of themselves and demand much more for a lot less views and attention.

Past Info (background)

Speaking of, I have had interest from Shiba. They actually loved it. They discussed this internally twice last year. They offered to take part in an iRacing event I was organising last year if I made it free for them… think of the value they could add. Money wasn’t an issue it was more about some of them being very excited by this but it was unproven and some hardline members couldn’t pay for something that hadn’t been proven. So a middle ground was offered, make it free for us to trail out, our team and community can help.

Unfortunately after the official BNBChain twitter account tweeted about us with over 2m followers funding was awarded to me by a UK company for all my work. My associates, who were introduced to by the people who paid the funding when I initially had this idea defrauded me, stole the money, stole my work and sold it all to a ‘businessman’ who thought this along with all my plans was very intelligent, but he was a businessman and he wanted it all for himself. treated my stake as a personal issue, said he is just a businessman and you can’t trust anyone in business once he buys the company everything is his.

If you want more context I can share but in a nutshell they were an existing company that was a failure and struggling, I got taken on much later as I had my ideas and I thought they had a team that could help bring this to market. what they really had was 10 people, most of whom just wanted an exit and move on. I ignored that, told myself they would help, get involved once the money came in so I worked on this for 7-8 months unpaid and once I independently secured funding and got a event organised they decided to exploit me and sell the company to a crooked businessman who promised to make them super rich if they committed fraud as he did not want to buy the company unless they got rid of me, for liability reasons… not that it makes a difference. I believe he wanted to buy the company for free with all funding included and my work and offered to finish the work and release a token they could have and they won’t have to do any work.

I told them it’s bullshit, he is just using you and once you’ve given him everything he’ll get rid of you too and I handed in my termination at which point they claimed ownership over all my work. They didn’t listen, sold the company and in the end the businessman took everything from them… Idk how they could ever trust someone like that but around 6 months later I got an apology from the CEO who defrauded me saying he was sorry for what he did, I was right, that business man took everything, kept the funding for himself and never delivered. So venus, binance and shiba all dipped out.

Anyways stuff like that only fueled me to keep going so vrtuhub was built from the ground up with no funding, but after the platform was mostly built up Venus has offered a grant of 15k for the equipment and initial debut event I will be organising at a later late. Venus Protocol has over 70 partners. They are the largest lending platform on BNBChain. This is going to be massive.

Venus partners want to see this proven, demonstrated as well as many other projects I have approached as simply signing off on something they have never done, I have not yet done and near impossible. It is not about the money but about the analytics and data they require.

This is where the funding from Livepeer is going.

What can livepeer offer

There is a huge emphasis on influencers, projects and communities being interested if this is free or if I can prove this concept works and is effective.

This being a grant, Livepeer can speculate and have more flexibility on the funding it could offer. The funding will allow me to organise multiple events, with free entry and prize money whilst being able to pay for studio costs, commentators and ref and other costs associated with organising these events.

The analytics & growth from these events will be used to share with these projects to entice them to come onboard. The free entry for the 6-8 projects I will also get 6-8 projects onboard if they don’t have to pay. It can become a community thing. I already have projects willing to try and if they like it pay for the next events. They just need to see this proven.

The marketing I speak about is the bonus, low risk proposition being offered. if I am wrong about all this and it doesn’t work out you will still get a huge marketing package at cost. I am not looking to profit from these events, I am not even taking a salary or any sort of payment for myself. I want to grow this business.

If this works out as I passionately believe it will, Vrtuhub will be the biggest global Community hub for crypto, and this will disrupt the crypto industry. Livepeer Studios will be handling the transcoding for bandwidth of these esport events, which are broadcast live. The goal is of course to have multiple events happening daily, even concurrently.

To handle cheating I will also require participants to livestream their gaming session, so besides the broadcasted tournaments there will be another layer for spectators to watch and stewards to replay. Event replays will be uploaded to YouTube but they could also be uploaded to livepeer STUDIO VOD service to keep users on the platform. I am not doing these parts right now due to budgeting reasons, but as soon as the project can budget for this It will be added as it is an important feature.

The current proposition is, that we do events, Livepeer as the title sponsor, invite a bunch of projects and broadcast these events professionally. The broadcasting will be handled using the livepeer studio API.

We could do targeting marketing for livepeer so we could even have you compete with developer communities (I am working towards arranging that, but it is difficult to get moving without knowing you can fund this or not). The video broadcasting is powered by Livepeer, the Title sponsor is Livepeer the event is funded by livepeer with the prize money also LPT. We could throw in an advert or two through the broadcast to educate watchers on what livepeer is.

As I grow more integration will be added, there is a lot of ambition here but these need to be added in organically. I am not after VC funding so i don’t need a unrealistic road-map with a pitch deck with buzz words and senseless ideas. I am doing what I believe will work, with planning and flexibility for the future.

Funding request

I am flexible with the funding received, ideally, more funding means more events and more marketing and analytics to collect. The minimum that would do is $1500 for arranging one event getting a higher sum really opens up breathing room. This is why I proposed a milestone achievement, we can 4-5 events under milestone one 500 LPT tokens and if the results are promising, we can do another run before committing to a BIG event on iRacing and the Venus Protocol Partners which are truly massive, and they will help with that.

I just need the analytics and I can’t get that unless I do some events which I can’t do unless someone funds them which projects don’t want to pay for without the analytics.

Once all that is collected, vrtuhub, a limited UK company business investor ready and I plan to bring on talented investors to take it to the top. I currently own 100% of vrtuhub Ltd and so much of the development is done and I already have a working product. If I can do these events for Livepeer and vrtuhub will be a very attractive investment I actually want to take this to Dragons Den, so UK version of Sharktank but I have to get some events going first so I can analyse the data and make realistic projections.

The grant is not being used to fund development, I am doing that myself and I am not taking any salary or wages.

Most projects do not have the time and won’t give time to understand this vision, the concept I am working on. I hope by reaching out to the community they could read through everything I have written and evaluate this.

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