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HI! I had LPT delegated to 0x525.
9 days ago I tried to claim my rewards.
Now I don’t see anything on my wallet (Arbitrum or Ethereum network).
Not original Token and not reward token.
Here is the transaction hash for reward claim

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Hey! As you can see in the logs of your linked tx, you unbonded your tokens right before the migration. That’s why you don’t see them on Arbitrum.
All tokens that were in the unbonding state during the migration will be handled in a separate process - current ETA is the end of week. Join the discord to stay up to date.

Instead, for former delegators I believe the day is today where we can move our LPT to L2? thanks

Yes, in a few hours (Ethereum Block Countdown) you can claim your stake on L2.
But there is no hurry really since you’re accumulating the reward and fees as long as the O that you’ve delegated to migrated and is doing the reward calls.


Thanks so much, this is the best support I have ever received in all my life.
You guys are amazing!!!

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Still nothing…
Do you have any update? Thanks in advance

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I have a couple lpt delegated with you vires-in-numeris on the explorer livepeer platform. With the change to arbitrum I need some instruction on how to change. Ive been through all the forums and discord info on the subject. I can no longer access my stake information - all I can see is “Livepeer now uses Arbitrum. To use the Explorer, please switch networks”. I made an Arbitrum account which cost a gas fee. What is the next step? How do I switch to Arbitrum? Does my account from explorer livepeer just show up/bridge there automatically on arbitrum? I have tried to connect with you on discord. Ill take any information. Im so confused. Thank you so much. :slight_smile:

Check this out:

But instead of bridging LPT I bridged ETH.
So now I have ETH in my metamask wallet on the Arbitrum network.
Then I could claim my delegated LPT from explorer.livepeer.

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Hey marsha! Thanks for staking with me - and sorry for missing you on Discord, I’m getting a lot friend requests from spam bots so I tend to also miss the real ones…

Additionally to the guide that @medokin posted (thanks!), you can also check out this basic guide from Arbitrum: It shows you how to add Arbitrum to your Metamask and bridge over some ETH (you’ll need some to claim your stake on Arbitrum).
In case you’re still having problems, I’ve accepted your friend request so you can message me on Discord!

I am USING a Coinbase wallet. I have over 2000 LPT staked with you. I can not get this moved over. Tried everything. Is there going to be a fix soon.

Problems. On a desktop I cannot get my Coinbase Wallet to switch to arbitrum. On my cell phone I can there’s a button for it on the desktop no such button to switch from Ethereum Network to anything else.

On some of the forms it says to have some Arbeth in your wallet to pay fees. But there’s nowhere to buy or convert eth into arbeth.

There is not A private key for Coinbase just a seed key so I cannot import to MetaMask.

Anything else I try there’s an error that comes up.

Everything I try does not work. Or this is above my pay grade and I have been in crypto since 2018 and would like to think I know a thing or two. Please help I am lost.

Hey, I think there have been issues with Coinbase wallets and WalletConnect. But adam just posted this on the discord:

a fix for both WalletConnect and Coinbase Wallet support has just been deployed. Can you give the explorer a hard refresh and try again? Note that the claim functionality still only works on desktop and a fix for mobile is forthcoming. If you still have issues feel free to DM me.

I personally don’t have any experience with Coinbase Wallet, but if you can stake through it, you should also be able to bridge over some ETH via Basically you deposit ETH and get Arbitrum ETH in return.
So please try again and if it still doesn’t work, join the Discord and ask the team there.

Please help me! There is no news! Seems that I loose all my LPTs…

The explorer was updated a few hours ago:
It should work now if you select the third option (delegators with undelegated stake). And your tokens were never lost, relax :slight_smile:

I noticed that most of my ETH reward disappeared when I claimed my stake, how come?

It got automatically credited to your Arbitrum wallet during the claiming process

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Time for another update!

:confetti_ball: We hit our 3 year anniversary as an Orchestrator a few days ago :confetti_ball:

It’s crazy how fast the time flies - and how far the protocol and the 0x525 Orchestrator have come. About two years ago I’ve started with CPU transcoding (which was holding up fine for the small amount of work the protocol was getting). Now the 0x525 Orchestrator is transcoding with 7 GPUs (5x 1080, 2x 1080Ti) for EU and US through georouting. And of course I’m planning to further extend the transcoding network (more regions and more GPUs).

A big thank you to all my stakers who make this possible - and to the Livepeer team for their great work

With the Arbitrum migration, tx fees for claiming the ticket and calling the reward have come down significantly. But at the same time, operating costs and the hours I’m investing (e.g. for support, maintenance, testing) have also increased drastically :slight_smile:
Since the beginning, the goal was (and still is) to offer a reliable, high performing Orchestrator with a low reward and fee cut. With that in mind, I’ve decided to lower the fee cut from 65% to 49% while keeping the reward cut at 4%.

I believe 4% is a reasonable reward cut and lowering that even more would hardly make a difference to the individual staker. E.g. if we assume a 15% yearly LPT inflation, a 4% reward cut would result in a 14.4% staking rewards while a 2% reward cut would give you 14.7%.

In other news:

  • I’ve updated the orchestrator profile to the new ENS standard. There’s also a (very minimalistic) website now:
  • I’m running my own Arbitrum node now. Since I’m also running my own geth node, this means we’re no longer dependent on third parties like Alchemy/Infura - which is the whole point of a decentralized, trustless protocol :slight_smile:

As always, thank you again for staking with me and feel free to leave any feedback or questions that you have.


Thanks so much for the hard work and for providing alway these great updates to all of us.
And kudos to you for being a truly and passionate advocate of decentralization! Great to hear about you running your own nodes and not relying on a centralized infrastructure :clap: :clap: :clap:

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Quick update:

  • We recently got a huge delegation of 500k+ LPT, putting our total to over 1.5M LPT staked. That’s an insane amount and I’m really grateful for the support and trust!
  • I’ve added another 1080Ti in the US region a few weeks ago, so I’m transcoding with 5x1080 and 3x1080Ti
  • We’ve earned over 14 ETH already since the Arbitrum migration :confetti_ball:

And as always, a big thank you to all my stakers/delegators!

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Quick update since it’s been a while:

  • My proposal to increase the blocks per round (to keep the status quo after the merge) passed and has been implemented :tada:
  • The delegated LPT grew to almost 1.9M. Which is just crazy, thank you all for your trust and support!
  • Regarding scaling my operations:
    • I’m actively looking for GPUs in Singapore and the new Sao Paulo region (and LA). This is not a huge priority since transcoding jobs are still rare in those regions, but I want to make sure that I’m ready once traffic picks up :slight_smile:
    • Of course I’m also keeping up with the development in the GPU market to see if better hardware becomes available for Livepeer transcoding (e.g. the new 4000 series or the Netint cards)

Thanks again to all my stakers/delegators!
And if you have any questions/feedback please feel free to reach out here or on Discord


Thanks so much for this update and also for having the proposal accepted.
We are here for the next decades :man_astronaut: :rocket: