Transcoder Campaign: Supermax Transcoder 0xbD91C9

Dear community,

This is Chunxi and Kuan. You might have heard about us from We are the team behind this analytics tool. We hope you find it useful.

Here is our address: 0xbD91C9DF3C30F0e43B19b1dd05888CF9b647b781

We are running a transcoder to partially fund the Supermax project and would like to ask for your support. Here is past performance of our transcoder:

Our staked tokens have been increasing steadily over time as more people discover what we have been contributing to this community.

We will make above feature available to everyone very very soon! If you have any questions, shoot me an email!


Supermax is! Keep up the great work guys!


Long time bonder, but just noticed ya’ll raised you reward cut to 50%. Was this on purpose?

Yes it is on purpose. We’ve been running experiments to understand what and how to drive earnings to Livepeer transcoders. Will share a post on that. All the experiments will be supported from the data discovered via ( has been rebranded!)

Increasing the reward cut to 50% (from once 2 or 3%) without any prior announcement - “don’t worry, just an experiment…” Sorry but this is just sneaky and evil.

Stay tuned if you want to guard yourself from transcoders like this: I’m developing a telegram bot that sends a notification if the reward cut changes - public beta within the next few days (or message me here or on discord if you’d like to test it now)

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I think sending notification from a telegram bot would be a useful feature for the community. I appreciate that.

But if you want to promote your transcoder or bot, just do it openly and honestly. Don’t do it by piggybacking on other people’s thread or demeaning other people, that’s just bad for the community.

You don’t know the context or anything about us. So please show some respect.

Well you don’t tell us the context - And you lost my respect by increasing the reward cut from 2% to 50% without ANY communication (that’s just bad for the community)

Happy to support experiments, it’s why I delegated to ya’ll in the first place above lower fees. But going from 2 -> 50% without prior notification is sketchy. Sharing the post explaining your rationale prior to taking action would have made it not sketchy.

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This. I was staking with SuperMax since the start, but unstaked when I found out about the increase on telegram via a third party. The lack of transparency before being called out is disappointing.