Transcoder Campaign: Captain Stronk

Update to the Stronk Broadcaster project

A few weeks ago the Stronk Broadcaster experiment was established. A CDN powered by MistServer combined with Livepeer nodes to enable low latency livestreaming from the browser

Powered by the broadcast-in-browser component of StreamCrafter, a new project from the OptiMist Video team (the maintainers of MistServer), you can now visit a prototype to ‘craft’ livestreams from the browser

Disclaimer: This is a very early release, so expect some unfinished UI elements or instability. The supporting infrastructure is rolled out on a small scale and can only support a small load of streams and viewers
Note that switching to another tab during a broadcast can cause the browser to pause the broadcast to save resources

Features Included

  • Input
    • Camera + microphone
    • ScreenShare + audio
  • Edit
    • Processing input tracks into a new stream (size, position, opacity)
  • Output
    • Broadcasting using WebRTC to the Stronk CDN
  • View
    • Share a link to your stream

Short Term Roadmap

  • UI upgrades
  • Input
    • Camera modes: facing, environment
    • images/gifs
  • Edit:
    • add overlays or logos
    • simple free hand drawing
  • Output
    • Ingesting as MKV via HTTP Put requests
    • Streaming to custom targets (rather than just my CDN)
    • Record to local file

Long Term Roadmap

  • More UI upgrades
  • Mobile compatible UI
  • Input:
    • Other live streams
    • Tracks emitted from WebRTC peers
  • Edit:
    • Generate audio effects

Other areas being researched

  • web3 integration: login with metamask, dstorage, dcdn
  • supporting a VoD workflow rather than live only
  • add (local) audio clippings as a (loopable) input source
  • transcode audio between eg opus/aac before broadcasting
  • Using low-level WebCodecs API to support more inputs and outputs

If there are any feature requests, feedback, ideas or questions on how this all works, ask away on Discord or this Forum post