Transcoder Campaign: Helsinki/Finland 🇫🇮


I’ve heard about Livepeer about two weeks ago and after reading through the documentation and the whitepaper I believe that it’s a great project and that it will help to decentralize the internet. I’ve been browsing through the current transcoder campaigns I noticed that the Nordic countries are not present. I want to change that and have started a transcoder node in Helsinki/Finland :finland::

:sparkles: Address: 0xf1eE89810f4441b025D2d42ff58A0CDC4D797310 :sparkles:

I’ve been working with and administering servers professionally for 10 years. I believe I have the necessary experience to manage, secure and run the node 24/7. The node has been running for a few days already and common problems are fixed: geth light client is installed to fix connection errors, ulimit is set high, gas-price is set to 10gwei so that reward calls don’t fail.

I have kept the node default values for reward cut: 10%, fee share: 5% and price: 1 WEI.

Needless to say, I’m planning on operating this node long-term.

Any questions? You can reply here or message me in Discord!


Looks like node 0xf1eE is going live in the active set for the first time in round 991. Good luck!

One update that went live with 0.2.3 is that if you omit the --gasPrice flag, it will use the “gas oracle” which will choose an appropriate gas price based upon recent blocks. The upside is that txns will likely go through. The downside is that it’s possible the txns occur at a time when gas price is absurdly high (48gwei recently), causing the txn to confirm quickly but be more expensive than necessary. Up to you whether to use and update the --gasPrice flag or to use the oracle.

Thanks! The transcoder is ready and I’ve updated to the latest software. The gas price will use the oracle for now.