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Multi-Region Support (EU and US)

We’re happy to finally announce support for multiple geographic regions for Livepool. Initially we’ve only operated servers in Europe but recently we’ve also added servers on the US East Coast.

Your video miners will automatically select and connect to the server closest to you so that you can mine video at optimal latencies. Overall this will greatly reduce round-trip times for transcode work the pool receives, allowing it to retain much more work and earn more transcoding fees.

This marks the first important milestone in our scalability roadmap with more improvements and increased global coverge around the corner.

How ?

To achieve this we deployed an additional on-chain orchestrator. Livepool now has two Orchestrators that are active and registered:

  • Livepool EU - 0xf4e8Ef0763BCB2B1aF693F5970a00050a6aC7E1B
  • Livepool US - 0xd2844a0056ad958b83A9054c3125Fe786a452bF8

On our video miner software we implemented a check upon startup that will pick the Orchestrator that replies the quickest to a request from the transcoder.

Why Now ?

Livepool has reached its 1 year anniversary, since inception of the project and launching in april of 2020, the number of connected video miners has significantly increased and demand on the Livepeer network has grown 10-20x in the past months.

Livepool fees have shrunk in the past two months due to a lot of new Orchestrators coming online and providing competition. We’ve also noticed that Livepool’s performance on the Livepeer leaderboard can be improved. To improve this situation we needed to drastically reduce the round-trip time between the broadcaster of a live stream and the video miners.

Upgrade !

Video Miners should upgrade ASAP as the release also contains some major improvements to the transcoding software.

What’s Next?

  • Provide multi-region support to the Livepool API so that video miners both regions can be displayed in the UI
  • Better transcoder selection so that transcoders can retain work for a stream as long as they are able to encode in under real-time
  • Transcoder suspension for recurring bad performers as it hurts the pool as a whole.

Happy Video Mining and Don’t forget to stake your LPT to support Livepool.

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Such excellent work happening in Livepool…

Transcoding Pools on Livepeer… such an obvious concept, and such a great way to easily welcome new infrastructure operators into the community…

It all starts with a trickle, and before you know it, you’re in streamflow…

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I can verify this fixed the same Cannot allocate memory issue for me. This link, and video made it really easy to update and patch my nvidia driver.
Up and running in livepool today!


Does this fix work with laptop Geforce chips? I can’t seem to get it to work.
I have a Geforce GTX 1650 that is on the list but the patch won’t work because the driver in the patch is a desktop patch that won’t install on a laptop. And the patch won’t patch the laptop Nvidia driver. It has been a frustrating weekend? I hate when I can’t get things to work! :slight_smile:

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What is happening ?

in telegram, Telegram: Contact @livepool people says doing jobs without pending rewards update

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Do you plan to add the RTX 3060 to your list of GPU’s?

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All nvidia GPUs are supported

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Getting the error openencodesessionex failed: out of memory when trying to setup.

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Hi, ask around in the livepool telegram someone will help you there Telegram: Contact @livepool

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Hi, Nico, first I want to thank you for your work.

I have been running livepool for a few weeks, at the beginning the work load was residual but lately has increased and is looking promising.

However, today my client is connected to US, I am UK based and I lost all my earns.

Looks like that most of the EU clients are off so I assume that it is a server issue.

Let me know if you need something from my end.




The server was moved to a different location.

From telegram:

if you are a EU transcoder please restart your node with the -orchAddr flag until a new release is out


Thanks! That worked I lost some job I did today at the US server :sweat_smile::sweat: but nothing important. I am joining the Telegram channel now.

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Hey I’m new to the transcoding and have my GPU running. Where do i go to check my profits like when I’m mining cypto?

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You can view them on the dashboard Livepool - Dashboard

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I’ve looked there and I don’t see my adress on that list.

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Have you doubled checked that you have your eth account entered properly in your bat file or start command? Have you checked all regions sometimes EU transcoders show up in the US? If you in the EU you need to add -orchAddr

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Hey there,
i hope somebody can help me. I tryed to start livepool with my 3090 rtx and got few errors, i patched the 2 files as mentioned and got this errors:

If um using -orchAddr, i got many other errors, like can´t connect to, couse host don´t allow my connection…
Using win10 and newest nvidia driver + patch for it.

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The current dashboard shows 3.175752 accrued ETH and 1.529434 paid
Fees are being withdrawn by Livepool: Livepeer Explorer
With latest Arbitrum update, the transfer to all transcoder accounts would cost $2.
What stops livepool from rewarding transcoders according to project front page statement?


Hey @NicoV, is there an update on this?