Transcoder Campaign: SpeedyBird

Hi there!

We’re a new Orchestrator landing in the past two weeks. Our high-speed systems are geographically distributed and deployed in a highly automated fashion. This ensures we can move rapidly as new capabilities evolve and other opportunities emerge.

We did participate in the last few weekly water cooler calls as well as other community events. Our Orchestrator is backed by decades of experience building and running highly secure, scalable, and on-demand services in traditional data centers (on-prem) as well is in the cloud (AWS, Azure, GCP). All of these services were delivered under stringent regulatory demands. This means if you decide to stake with us, you are guaranteed a reliable partner that delivers under even the most demanding environment. You can find us right now at position 14 in the overall leader board.

Feel free to contact us via Discord! Be well my friends.

SpeedyBird (0xDef1C70578B2B5e8589a42e26980687fc5153079)

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