Transcoder Campaing 0xd3e11


Hi .
i’m new here . i run this service for week in test net and today i run it in main net.

my server spec is :slight_smile:
CPU : Intel Core i7-4770
Hard : SSD
RAM : 32GB
Internet Port : 1Gb/s
Traffic : Unlimited.
the server location in DE-Hetzner
IPV6-64 perfix
it’s not so good bad it’s not bad at all.

i like to know your option for shear reward and any hints .i like to learn .
i have several server for run MN , SN , SN , and witness and …
i take this new server and don’t decide what to do whit it .so i test it . if it’s profitable for me and you i remove some off my MN,… and add new Transcoder .:wink:

i like to read your idea and any thing you think is good for me. thanks.


you Transcoder need more LPT ,if not ,game over


thank you. how much ?