Transcoder Campaign: 0x525 - with Telegram Bot

Thank you very much!

Quick update regarding the available hardware for the 0x525 Transcoder:
Currently, 3x 1080 are connected to it - able to handle ~100 concurrent sessions. Another 1080 is on standby in case it’s needed for quick scaling :slight_smile:

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Hey @vires-in-numeris! It has been over 1.5 years since I’ve staked with 0x525.

So much improvements have been made ever since and I applaud you for your efforts.

As a way to thank you for your service, I’ve bought some LPT and staken with you.

Hope you see more improvements in due time!

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Quite a few things to celebrate so time for an another update!

  • The 0x525 Orchestrator & Transcoders just passed 15 ETH in total earnings! :tada:

  • The Livepeer Explorer page has been reworked, it’s now sorted by total earnings - which means we’re top of the list! :confetti_ball:

  • This (and hopefully also the reliability and great performance score) attracted a lot of new stakers - welcome! According to the top performers list (in which we’re consistently in the top 5, with the highest regional score of any Orchestrator), we have a total of 467 Delegators - which is another record! :fireworks:

The last point is especially important to me, since I’ve always worked towards being an Orchestrator for the community - by being transparent, reliable and having low, unchanging fees.

So thank you all for your support :heart:


Just less than a month from your post and we already have about 130 more delegators with us!

And the most surprising thing is that if you filter the reward cut to 1% on the top performers list, we are 1 of the 3 only profitable orchestrators.

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Another quick update:

  • We just passed 20 ETH in total earnings!
    And based on data from the previous 30 days, the current projected earnings are 1.8 ETH/month!

  • Regarding the L2 (Arbitrum) migration in the coming weeks (more on that here: LIPs/ at master · livepeer/LIPs · GitHub): Of course I’ll be migrating as soon as the contracts are live - so you will not be missing out on any inflationary LPT and ETH fees.

  • We’re at 678 delegators now, that’s incredible… Thank you for your support and trust!


Just wanted to say hi to everyone, and I’m happy to be another delegator.
The reason I chose you is because of the great rewards, but also for this forum. I truly believe having a communication channel like this is a plus!
Are you also on Twitter or Telegram?
Thanks for all your work

Thank you very much!
My Twitter is I’m not really active on telegram but you can also find me on discord as vires-in-numeris#5324 :slight_smile:

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Thanks so much, I have also a question, how is at the moment the current APY?
Is it possible to have a rough estimation?
thanks so much

The APY changes from round to round, if the participation (amount of LPT staked) is > 50%, the inflation and therefore the LPT APY goes down. If it’s < 50% it goes up.
If you extrapolate the current per round reward to a year, you’d end up with ~15-20% APY. But yeah, if the participation stays above 50% for the next few months, the rewards will be much lower.

A good approximation is probably if you look at the messages of the orchestrator-watcher bot (or in my channel Telegram: Contact @transcoder). E.g. the one for this round:

Rewards claimed for round 2450 → Orchestrator 0x525419… received 410.4 LPT for a total stake of 911178 LPT (keeping 16.42 LPT due to its 4.0% reward cut)

so you can divide 410.4 by 911’178 and multiply that by 390 (~22.5 hours per round → 390 rounds per year) to get the current reward percentage.

I can see that now Arbitrum is already live, do we need to move/bridge our LPT to Arbitrum network? thanks so much

The 0x525 Orchestrator/Transcoder successfully migrated to Arbitrum a few hours ago :confetti_ball:

There is nothing to do yet for delegators. A snapshot will be published to verify the migrated stakes and then a 7 day waiting period begins. Only after that you can start claiming your stake on Arbitrum.

A quick update:

  • There is a bug/issue on the Livepeer side that currently gives less work to bigger Orchestrators - that’s why we’ve not been winning as many tickets as used to. I’m hoping that this will be fixed shortly (now that the migration is over).

  • Currently, the new explorer page does not reflect past earned fees. I’m also hoping that this will be fixed shortly.

  • Ending on a positive note: I’ve set up georouting and added a New York City transcoder (1080Ti). Meaning additionally to EU streams, we’re now also getting US streams :slight_smile:

@pdiomede : There’s nothing to do yet. DO NOT bridge your LPT over until you get the green light from the Livepeer team. I think there’s still an issue with the arbitrum bridge which would cause your LPT to get lost when you migrate now. Join the Discord to keep up to date.


Thanks so much, always an amazing support.

HI! I had LPT delegated to 0x525.
9 days ago I tried to claim my rewards.
Now I don’t see anything on my wallet (Arbitrum or Ethereum network).
Not original Token and not reward token.
Here is the transaction hash for reward claim

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Hey! As you can see in the logs of your linked tx, you unbonded your tokens right before the migration. That’s why you don’t see them on Arbitrum.
All tokens that were in the unbonding state during the migration will be handled in a separate process - current ETA is the end of week. Join the discord to stay up to date.

Instead, for former delegators I believe the day is today where we can move our LPT to L2? thanks

Yes, in a few hours (Ethereum Block Countdown) you can claim your stake on L2.
But there is no hurry really since you’re accumulating the reward and fees as long as the O that you’ve delegated to migrated and is doing the reward calls.


Thanks so much, this is the best support I have ever received in all my life.
You guys are amazing!!!

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Still nothing…
Do you have any update? Thanks in advance

Continuing the discussion from Transcoder Campaign: 0x525 - with Telegram Bot:

I have a couple lpt delegated with you vires-in-numeris on the explorer livepeer platform. With the change to arbitrum I need some instruction on how to change. Ive been through all the forums and discord info on the subject. I can no longer access my stake information - all I can see is “Livepeer now uses Arbitrum. To use the Explorer, please switch networks”. I made an Arbitrum account which cost a gas fee. What is the next step? How do I switch to Arbitrum? Does my account from explorer livepeer just show up/bridge there automatically on arbitrum? I have tried to connect with you on discord. Ill take any information. Im so confused. Thank you so much. :slight_smile:

Check this out:

But instead of bridging LPT I bridged ETH.
So now I have ETH in my metamask wallet on the Arbitrum network.
Then I could claim my delegated LPT from explorer.livepeer.

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