Transcoder Campaign: 0X9B1E Livepeer AudioSister


Hello Folks!

My name is Matteo Tambussi, I’m a musician, music producer and more recently audio tech and runner for Livepeer TV Berlin. I released 8 albums, played with different bands as opening acts for artists like Nick Cave, Underworld, Boy George, Blonde Redhead, and collaborated with Japanese stylist Yohji Yamamoto for his Berlin 2013 Fashion Show. I also had a single, Island, on BBC6 Gilles Peterson’s playlist in winter 2014/2105. That’s roughly my music record summed up.

I got into Berlin Crypto Scene in Jan 2018 thanks to Livepeer and Chris Hobcroft. This experience brought my understanding of Music Industry’s dynamics to a personally new level.

LIVEPEER AudioSister
I have a project to create a secondary sibling-protocol to Livepeer. I believe it could potentially help the upcoming reformation in music sharing and monetization, way beyond the unfair and unsustainable model has Spotify offers. In order to do so, a twin version of Livepeer could be released in the form of a DApp. It would be a down-scaled version of Livepeer protocol, for Audio streaming purposes only: music streaming, live podcasts, radios.

I believe down-scaling LP to audio-only could also benefit the main video-streaming project in terms of audience reach, egalitarian UX and “anchorage” to an existent, economically defined exchange model. The one for music formats (memento Napster). Specifically:

1) It needs much lower Kb/s rate and bandwidth
2) obsolescence-proof - even a 50 $ smartphone could handle the stream
3) fully interplanetary - allowing streaming and playing even from remote areas of the planet
4) tech non exclusive - more people would be willing to share audio playing
on their laptops/smartphones than to buy a webcam and the equipment for decent video streaming. Also, audio streaming allows people to do other activities in the meanwhile. it’s simply more popular.

TRANSCODER (running on a stable AWS kindly provided by LP Core Team)
If you like the idea, bond you LPT to 0x9b1eeea5e271bf18f8ff0c91576d318b9a488051
Reward cut: 33.333%
Fee Share: 40%
Price/segment: 150 Gwei

All the ETH and LPT grown by the transcoder
will be reinvested to create a Livepeer “Audio Sister” DApp (for laptops and smartphones) that can run both as a LP node and as a broadcasting interface.

send me an email for more infos:
matteo at livepeer dot tv