Transcoder Campaign: IT PORT Transcoder(s)

From the sunny Romania, greetings to all from IT PORT team!

Alex here (CTO), glad to meet you!

We are a small BUT very dynamic IT services based company from Piatra Neamt (Moldavia!) using M247 datacenter from Bucharest. We are about to celebrate our 13th anniversary in under three weeks, so we decided to offer us all the best present, by joining livepeer network! ($$$$$, only the activation was 600$ yesterday…!).

We do believe in this project, as we do believe in our assets (both human and hardware) and we also do confide in M247’s reliability (we are using them for near 7 years now).

If you may not know, our country, Romania, is placed on the third place worldwide in regards to the Internet speed, so here are a few speed tests run earlier today from our orchestrator endpoint:

*** There were three more, but being a new user I am not allowed to have more than 2 links in this post…***

As for transcoder(s), single card test looks like this:
| Concurrent Sessions | 18 |
| Total Segs Transcoded | 540 |
| Real-Time Segs Transcoded | 190 |
| * Real-Time Segs Ratio * | 0.3519 |
| Total Source Duration | 1079.999999999998s |
| Total Transcoding Duration | 1014.8849424510001s |
| * Real-Time Duration Ratio * | 0.9397 |

As for our node configuration, we would like to start humble, so we can get jobs and be part of this wonderful network of machines and people, so here is our actual configuration:

| Status | Registered |
| Active | true |
| Service URI | |
| Delegated Stake | 19.5159 LPT |
| Reward Cut (%) | 25 |
| Fee Share (%) | 5 |
| Last Reward Round | 2119 |
| Base price per pixel | 1000 wei / 1 pixels |

Should you consider to join our endeavor and support our efforts with staking, please do so light heart, you are welcome to stake with us:

If you would like to get in tocuh with me (and my team), you are also welcome, find us on any of the following ways:

  • phone / Whatsapp / Signal / Telegram: +40730 ITPORT (+40730 487678)
  • email and postal address, provided on our website (see orchestrator profile!)

If you would like to run a check on our company, our EU VAT-ID is: RO23793460

Still in doubt? Just keep an eye on this thread and on our orchestrator, rest assured that if you will support us, we will never turn a “blind eye” on to you, meaning that once we will figure out our way here, I will change in accordance the taken fee / reward cut so everyone around us to be happy with their past decision…!

Thank you for taking your time and read this.

Have a great day and weekend!

Hey you guys, welcome to the community! It’s great to see you here.

Interested to know how you’ve been getting on after your first 15 days in Livepeer?

Also, keen to know what kind of up / down bandwidth you’ve got… if Romania really is #3, then I’d hope you can serve a lot of traffic with your setup!