Transcoder Campaign: Stake Capital 0xa6a9


Transcoder Campaign: Stake Capital

We are proud to announce the Stake Capital Transcoder is live! :tada:

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At Stake Capital, our mission is two-fold:

  1. Educate & Help new users to participate in decentralised economies.
  2. Contribute & Secure decentralised networks with no conflict of interest.

Educate New Users

Early adopters of Livepeer have a deep understanding of the Livepeer mechanics, but we believe it can intimidating for new users to bond tokens or choose the right transcoders for their strategy.

We are publishing tutorials to educate new users on these concepts and to guide them throughout this journey (e.g: Livepeer delegation tutorial). We also have a live support on Telegram to answer any questions.

Finally, we are partnering with mobile wallets like DexWallet to bring Livepeer bonding and reward tracking on mobile.

This is only the beginning, but we are excited to educate users on the potential of Livepeer!

Secure the Network

With great power comes great responsibility. Token holders who delegate to Stake Capital are trusting us to be reliable, and we won’t disappoint them.

From integrating hardware security module (HSM) support directly into our Tier 3+ servers, to deploying cloud based sentry nodes across the globe to ensure uptime and minimise latency, Stake Capital does not compromise on security or reliability.

We have partnered with BSO, an award-winning Ethernet network, Cloud and Hosting provider. BSO provides dedicated and secure connectivity to our HSM-enabled servers for maximum security. In addition, we are working with two leading cloud providers (Amazon Web Services & Google Cloud) to provide optimal reliability.

Contribute to the Network

Our fee structure is the following:

  • 1% reward cut
  • 50% fee share
  • 150 GWEI

Our transcoder’s revenue will be used to finance:

1. Infrastructure
We want to have an extremely reliable infrastructure, so we can offer reliable transcoding services when the network has significant activity to ensure no Stake Capital delegators ever gets penalised.

2. Open Source Development
More importantly, we intend to use our revenue to finance and develop open source tools for the Livepeer Network. For example, our latest project, dTok, won at the ETHCapeTown hackathon yesterday.

Current Livepeer economics require the broadcaster to pay for the cost of running a stream.
We created dTok, a pay-as-you-go dApp allowing viewers to pay to access a live stream by the minute. The dApp combines:

We ran an initial proof-of-concept with Ricardo of TribalNeed to live stream his unique melodic electro music live from the ETH CapeTown hackathon. Via the platform, Ricardo received more than $1075 in DAI contributions. He shared his performance with the world via our platform for independent, censorship-resistant, live-streaming.

You can read more about our experience and view a live demo of dTok here.

Closing Thoughts

We have been following Livepeer’s development for quite some time, before starting Stake Capital in fact. We want to have a sustained, positive impact on the network, and to do so, we need your support. Please delegate your Livepeer token to our transcoder, and if you have any questions, you can ask them here or on our Telegram.

Thank you!


This is fantastic. Livepeer’s network was originally created so that people could build apps like dTok. Excited to support this node, and to get Streamflow released so that the network can scale as your userbase grows beyond single streams to many concurrent streams.

Let me know what we can do to help out as you’re developing.


Thank you Doug! We’re really excited to get a stable version of dTok live on Livepeer asap. We will be releasing more information soon.

You can see a full recap of our dTok hack at ETHCapeTown on the Medium here:

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Update on the Stake Capital Transcoder: All rewards claimed so far and no fault to report.

In the last round (Round 1337, #LEET), our Transcoder claimed and sent 127.97 LPT. :rocket:

We also continue to work on our open source tipping/streaming dApp dTok - more updates to follow soon, stay tuned! :slight_smile:

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#DTok, today sprint planning:
i) Get @raiden_network nodes on SC infra: done✅
ii) Set @ensdomains : Done✅
iii)Fix port issues related to @LivepeerOrg : in progress⚗️
iv)Better UX /UI on #Burnerwallet: in progress :ok_hand:
v) Economics: Stake Capital rewards claimed for round 1338 -> Transcoder sent 133.17 LPT for a total stake of 39362 LPT.
Live discussion:
Live update:


Daily update:
Rewards claimed for round 1339:
Stake Capital Transcoder send 131.74 LPT to delegators for a total stake of 39077 LPT (keeping 1.32 LPT due to its 1.0% reward cut).


Excellent! Keep on claiming these rewards! Can’t wait to see more use cases like dTok! :ok_hand:


Reward Cut update proposal: Increase Reward Cut from 1% to 4% to finance dTok development.

Hi all,

As mentioned in our introduction post, one of our core mission is to use our revenue from the transcoder reward cut to finance the development of open source application for Livepeer.

We started working on dTok, a decentralised streaming/tipping platform for Livepeer, during the ETHCapeTown Hackathon - and the project won all possible prizes there.

This was only the beginning, and we want to scale our work on dTok as we feel it would be a valuable tool for the community which could bring significant transcoding activity to Livepeer.

For that reason, we are putting forward this proposal to increase our Reward Cut from 1% to 4%, and we will also apply for a Livepeer grant in parallel.

We fully believe that this kind of contributions will contribute to greater awareness and adoption of Livepeer, as people (more rapidly) realise the potential and benefits of working with this protocol! :rocket:

We are very grateful to those who have bonded their LPT with us, and we have not taken this decision lightly. We are communicating this proposal on our different social platforms (here, on our Discord, and on our Telegram), and will take a final decision based on the feedback we receive.

:arrow_right: If you support or if you are against this proposal please let us know as soon as possible.
We ideally would like to change the reward cut on 10 May, but we want to hear feedback from the community before changing anything.

:arrow_right: If you want to support the development of open source applications on Livepeer, we would encourage you to bond some of your LPT with our transcoder.

P.S: On a 100 LPT stake and with the current inflation of ~0.34% per day, bonders would earn in one month:

  • Gross (0% fee): 10.7 LPT per month
  • Net at 1%: 10.6 LPT per month
  • Net at 4% 10.27 LPT per month

Thank you very much for having DTok on the Livepeer community call yesterday. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions *:smiley:

DTok materials:

DTok Livepeer Discord dev group:




DTok live Broadcaster Link:

Stake Capital Transcoder: 0xa6a9eb29e786b5233bd99c0ba28be882fe954a0e (


Following up on our Reward Cut update proposal, we have had positive feedback from the community, and we have decided to go forward with the proposal.

We will increase Stake Capital’s transcoder fee from 1% to 4% on Monday 13th May at 12:00 PM UTC.

Thank you all for your incredible support and we look forward to contributing further to this community!

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Rewards claimed for round 1343: Stake Capital Transcoder sent 135.89 LPT to its delegators for a total stake of 40071 LPT (keeping 1.36 LPT due to its 1.0% reward cut).


As previously discussed on this thread and agreed on the Stake Capital Livepeer Transcoder call we have just increased our reward cut from 1% to 4% to finance the development of DTok:


Rewards claimed for round 1347: We sent 138.58 LPT for a total stake of 40852 LPT.