Transcoder Campaign: Staken

Greetings from StakeN.

We are StakeN a ‘staking-as-a-service’ platform. We plan to have nodes on a diverse range of decentralized platforms and we are pleased to announce that we are now an active node on the Livepeer network.

To Celebrate our launch we will be offering 100% of the rewards to our delegators and charge nothing.

Delegate to StakeN Livepeer Transcoder.
Our transcoder address: 0x9e14de5cc84e437518c2c303c88570fe13f0ad15

What is Staken?

Staken is built by competent entrepreneurs who have worked extensively in the technology industry, specifically in the blockchain domain. Delegating with Staken would make sure that you realize the maximum potential of staking as the future of crypto assets where we simplify your staking experience, while you multiply your holdings using the power of the almighty compounding. Your trust in the project will pay off in the form of increasing returns.

Why Staken?

We have a highly qualified and diverse team of blockchain, finance and crypto asset experts who analyze projects using a rigorous methodology. We have partnered with the soon to be launched crypto finance platform “Griffex”. Griffex will have a unique feature which will allow “users to directly stake from their wallets”. We are further exploring similar partnerships with financial institutions which deal with proof of stake assets.

What do we offer?

-Optimum user experience - We will provide an unified dashboard that will give you all the details about your stake yield as well as ethereum fee shares.

-Highly secure environment - Our audited security setup shields our validators from both cyber and physical attacks. Additionally, we are constantly monitoring operations and stay ready to respond to critical incidents.

-24/7 Uptime Promise - We have best in class monitoring setup and backup nodes that’ll ensure maximum uptime.

-Geographical distribution of servers - Optimized for transaction speed and low latency, our nodes strengthen the network by being distributed around the world.

Fee and Rewards: 100% of round rewards goes to you , the token delegator. The delegator will keep 100% of the rewards.

50% of earned transcoding fees as ETH goes to our delegators.

For more deatils visitl:

Thanks for staking your tokens to our node.
Hoping for long term relationship.
Happy Staking.

You should stop misleading the users, that they are going to get 100% of their rewards, as you’re not yet an active node.

At least become one before stating that or warn your potential stakers when will that happen and that they are going to miss their rewards untill that happens.

Hi, We were active before and were collecting the reward when this content was posted, as you can check the hash transactions for some claimed rewards:

Currently we are inactive because some other transcoders with higher stake joined the network, also few transcoders increased their total stake.
Currently we are looking for delegators who can delegate to us to become active again.
We are working to make our node active again.


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Hello Guys, we have successfully claimed the reward for round 1320 receiving 77.1 LPT for a total stake of 22588 LPT (Current). Our node is offering 0% reward cut with 0 missed reward calls.

We welcome new delegators to our node.

Happy Staking!

Hello Guys, we have successfully claimed the reward for round 1323 receiving 82.3 LPT for a total stake of 24187 LPT. Our node is offering 0% reward cut for all the delegators and we welcome new delegators to our node.

Happy Staking!

Hi guys, it’s great to see your node is Active again in the network with >22k LPT of stake - hopefully this will give you a good opportunity to attract some more stake from LPT holders.

We would love to hear from you about what your immediate plans are for raising awareness of the Staken Transcoder in the broader community - perhaps you could share the progress you are making?

We have strategically partnered with Griffex, the all-encompassing crypto-finance platform. Griffex is equipped with wallets that are best in class from a ‘functionality’ and ‘ease of use’ perspective. The wallets will have an option where people can stake or delegate their assets in an instant. The assets will directly be delegated to our node in courtesy of our partnership with Griffex. Griffex wallets have already received 50,000 sign-ups till date. As partners, we have also made a deal that, in their novel product category of bundles, Griffex will add a new ‘reward paying bundle’ which will include a certain proportion of Livepeer tokens, which will automatically get delegated to a node as soon as the bundle is purchased. This is expected to aid the Livepeer network by increasing the adoption of the Livepeer token. We are also looking forward to make further partnerships like the one we have with Griffex. This will make sure that we as transcoders are incentivized to have the best reward pay structure while providing highly reliable, scalable and secure services. This will organically increase the quantity of LPT delegated on our node, making us one of the most reliable, secure and robust transcoders on the Livepeer Network.