Transcoder Campaign: Staked

Who is Staked?
Staked makes it easy for investors to earn the rewards available from proof of stake networks. We run staking nodes for a wide variety of PoS networks and intend to support more than ten protocols by the end of 2018. Investors receive staking block rewards reliably, we are fanatical about security, and provide aggregated reporting for multiple chains.

Staked is led by three experienced entrepreneurs who have each built and operated highly scaled technical businesses. The investors who have committed to stake with us are the best in the business.

The Staked ID for delegation is: 0xe9e284277648fcdb09b8efc1832c73c09b5ecf59

Why should you delegate to Staked?

  1. Reliability: We use Kubernetes to orchestrate a highly available staking infrastructure that provides automated recovery from crashes or network downtime, protection against typical DDoS attacks and 24/7 monitoring.
  2. Scalability: Our Kubernetes cluster can easily scale to meet network demand. We can rapidly deploy additional containers as we observe heavier load and will deploy onto specialized hardware to ensure we transcode reliably as Livepeer demand grows.
  3. Experience: We are currently operating validation node infrastructure for Tezos, EOS, Factom and Livepeer, as well as testnets for Cosmos, R-Chain and others. We have automation to handle many of the common issues and a team that kows how to figure out the uncommon stuff.
  4. Ease of Use: We provide a unified dashboard that details both block rewards and fees from transcoding. This makes it easy to see how much you’re earning, handle tax reporting, and will surface chain-specific technical details. An added plus: it supports all the other chains we cover through a single dashboard.

What hardware does Staked run?
All of our infrastructure is code, so we will experiment with a variety of hardware configurations to optimize the transcoding experience. We use Prometheus and Grafana to provide granular detail on performance that will inform hardware choices designed to minimize the transcoding costs for broadcasters.

What is your fee structure?
We will take a 5% fee on block rewards. We are not sharing transcoding fees as it raises tax questions for some partners. We may re-visit this in the future. We are initially charging 150 GWEI per segment.

How do I delegate to Staked?

If you delegate and want access to our reporting, reach out to and we’ll set you up!

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Hey Guys,
I like what You are doing with Staked, but it seems You made a mistake,
You are advertising that:

However as seen here: Livepeer Explorer
You did set Your fee shares to 0%. I assume that was an honest mistake right ? Since a lot of people already delegated stakes towards Your nodes it seems, and that would be plain missinformation otherwise :frowning:

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Hi - This is our mistake. We will edit the post. I can assure you that the delegators knew what the deal was - it was at their request.

Thanks for updating the campaing msg, it looks more clear for the community.
I understand that You guys need to pay server upkeep costs etc, and your business model is tailored for institutional investors. Do you plan to support indivitual customers too? What, if any are the investment limits ? Should I as an invidual even bother ‘scheduling a call with You’ ?

We support customers of all sizes. We don’t have minimums or commitments on term. We build as much automation into our operations as possible so we can handle this.

On scheduling a call, please do! We love talking to customers. We are very early and want to understand how you’re thinking about staking/delegation, get feedback on our reporting interface, and/or answer any question.

Thanks for the answer, great to hear! I will be giving You guys a call !

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What is the reasoning by not rewarding delegators with ETH network fees? Can you explain the tax difference in rewarding LPT tokens and not ETH? Is this for USA tax reasons?

Also, looking at the reporting page on, it seems as though there are never any fee rewards - meaning no one is paying the transcoder in Wei, meaning no one is actually even using the network, and the transcoders are essentially just receiving and distributing LPT block rewards - is this correct?

Any clarification would be greatly appreciated, as I just bonded a small amount of LPT to your address

Thanks for delegating to us! Much appreciated.

The primary tax concern is around whether fee-based income creates UBTI liability for tax-exempt investors (endowments, foundations, et al). We don’t provide tax advice, so can’t tell you whether this is appropriate. But several delegates were concerned enough that we do not distribute transcoding fees.

On the reporting, we display what is payable to you. Since we don’t distribute any of the fee rewards, you shouldn’t expect to see them on our reporting.