Transcoder Campaign: Tiny Hoshi

Tiny Hoshi is an European based Node and Transcoders.

Our goal is to provide to all delegators an efficient and reliable Node, and to offer a guaranteed 3% reward cut over the long term ! (97% for our delegators).

Staking your LPT at one of the lowest reward cut of the network !

Earn ETH from our high powered transcoders !

thanks for your support.

Tiny Hoshi team.


Tiny Hoshi drops his reward cut to 0%!

This means that our delegators keep 100% of their profits on the LPT, and always 55% of the fees in eth.

We currently have an encoding capacity distributed around the world of more than 500 streams in real time with professional quality.

With the help of your LPT stakes we can become the most productive node in the livepeer network, with one of the best returns for our delegators!

Thanks for staking with us !

Tiny Hoshi

Hello delegators,

Tiny hoshi is ranked 9th in terms of ETH gains over the last 90 days, while we are currently 60th in terms of stake.
You can imagine the gains obtained with a stake that would rank us in the top 10!

Tiny Hoshi remains one of the best choices for delegators to optimize their ROI, with a guaranteed long-term reward cut of 0%, and one of the lowest fee cuts in the network of 45%!

Our encoding capacity is very high with more transcoding power in reserve to further upgrade our nodes when the demand will grow.

Thanks all for your support !

Tiny Hoshi team.

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Hello delegators,

Tiny Hoshi continues to optimize its nodes around the world in order to offer the best possible service to broadcasters and thus optimize ETH earnings for our delegators.

moreover, our reward cut is at 0%, and it will remain so whether you stake 5 LPT or 500,000 LPT.
So join and stake with us!

Thanks for your support !

Tiny Hoshi team.

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